Tom Dorsz

I’m a photographer, watercolor artist and writer with the desire to tell stories, give people new perspectives and ways of seeing the world around them. I enjoy the thrill of looking for a magical rendezvous that I can photograph and sometimes turn into a watercolor. 

For me, photography is a powerful tool to raise awareness, represent change and improvement of society, the environment and other non-human creatures we share this world with. It is also a way to show the impact of humanity on the environment as well as human impact on wildlife.

I also like to photograph people. I look for that unposed moment to capture a fraction of a second of this world and show its uniqueness, its diverse tapestry of people and their environment.  

Today I’m based in Frederick, MD. But..I love to travel and you may find me and my camera equipment anywhere in this big, fragile world​.

My watercolors and photographs are my interpretations of what I see. I hope you enjoy them.